Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nicholas Kristof: "Secretary of Food"

Sorry I've been out of touch; with all this campaigning for Obama's Senate seat, giving cooking lessons, moving, changing my personal e-mail address and working on my squash game, who has time to write a blog?

Seriously, I'll be discussing some interesting subjects in the near future. Today, though, I wanted to mention Nicholas Kristof's latest column in The New York Times, which discusses the Department of Agriculture and its leader, the secretary of agriculture (a cabinet position).

Not that Mr. Obama doesn't haven't enough to worry about, but as Michael Pollan says, “Even if you don’t think agriculture is a high priority, given all the other problems we face, we’re not going to make progress on the issues Obama campaigned on — health care, climate change and energy independence — unless we reform agriculture.”

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Brian said...

Great article! Sign the petition it mentions!!!