Monday, June 8, 2009

Grass-Fed Animals - A Way of Life

During my cooking lessons, the conversation about grass-fed vs. corn-fed meats and dairy often comes up. As I’ve discussed here, grass-fed products are much healthier for us and the environment.

There was an article yesterday in The New York Times Magazine that profiled a husband and wife who went for the whole enchilada (pun intended). Tim and Liz Young didn’t just switch what they ate; they changed how they lived.

They gave up their white collar, suburban lives to become farmers dedicated to raising animals without the use of antibiotics and pesticides. Theirs is a small-scale, hands-on operation, but I’m sure their chicken, pork, turkey and beef is first-rate.

Probably my favorite line from the article was this: “Once they started reading about how to restore the land without using the pesticides recommended by their county extension agent, they learned that they needed to create an entire ecosystem.”

I was so happy (facetiousness intended) to read that the default program being suggested by county extension agents is one based on pesticides.

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