Thursday, October 29, 2009

Islam Siddiqui and Roger Beachy - Suitable Public Servants?

I received a disturbing e-mail yesterday from the Pesticide Action Network (PAN).

Unfortunately, according to PAN, “Despite President Obama's early promises that 'lobbyists won't find a job in my White House,' he just nominated two "Big Ag" industry insiders who come straight from the pesticide and biotech sectors to vital posts.”

Instead of letting this happen unchallenged, PAN—working in concert with other like-minded groups—is attempting to gather 50,000 online signatures to help protest these two nominations.

If you think our voices don't matter, remember that the deplorable Smart Choices Program has come to a crashing halt because of public pressure.

Click here to take (literally) the 20 seconds needed to fill out the petition to help challenge Obama’s appointments of Islam Siddiqui and Roger Beachy.

Siddiqui, according to PAN, is the current Vice President of Science and Regulatory Affairs at CropLife America (and a former lobbyist) and has been nominated to the post of Chief Agricultural Negotiator. If his appointment is confirmed by the Senate, Siddiqui will be charged with promoting our crops and agricultural products to foreign countries.

Before you leave me, know that CropLife is a powerful lobbying group that represents chemical companies that produce pesticides. And the Mid America CropLife Association, a CropLife regional partner, publicly protested Michelle Obama’s White House organic garden.

Beachy, the long-time president of Monsanto’s de facto nonprofit research center, has been installed as director of the USDA’s new National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Beachy, in charge of a $500 million budget and the country’s agricultural research policy, unfortunately won’t be subject to a public confirmation process.

Siddiqui’s and Beachy’s backgrounds should be enough to get us all to sign the petition and help spread the word about it.

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Anonymous said...

Do your research. Monsanto has its own charitable wing called the Monsanto Fund. I'm no big Monsanto fan, but calling out a similar organization as a "de facto" wing of another in misinformed or purposefully misleading.