Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hannah Montana Cereal - What Is It?

We have officially reached a new level of ridiculousness. Kellogg’s has blessed us with Hannah Montana cereal.

The fact that I don’t know who Hannah Montana is shouldn’t cloud the bigger issue. But I do have to report the conversation with my wife that occurred while I was writing this post:

ME: “By the way, who is Hannah Montana?”

WIFE: “She’s a huge star. She’s what’s his name’s daughter.”

ME: “She’s Joe Montana’s daughter?”

WIFE: “You are an idiot. It’s not her real name.”

Just as nefarious as her name is the description of what the cereal is. Hannah Montana cereal is described on the box as “multi-grain secret identity cereal.”


Seriously, think about that for a second. We have gotten to the point where it doesn’t even matter what our food-like substances contain. Although Count Chocula cereal won’t win any nutritional awards, at least General Mills tells us it is a “chocolatey cereal with spooky-fun marshmallows.”

Hannah’s only hint about what she is singing about are the red and purple football-shaped (I knew it!) pellets shown at the bottom of the box. No other information is given.

I'm debating whether to spend the $3.49 to find out.

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