Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rice Krispies Treats & Dutch Masters Cigars

I recently had two run-ins with the next generation that officially prove I am old and no longer cool, and that fruits and vegetables are not at the top of our teenagers’ wish lists.

About three weeks ago, at a suburban Long Island train station, a teenager approached me and asked if I wanted to support his basketball team.

KID: “Excuse me, sir; I’m trying to raise money for my basketball team. Do you want to buy a Rice Krispies Treat?”

ME: “No, but I’d buy carrots if you were selling those.”

KID: “What?”

ME: “If you were selling carrots instead of Rice Krispies Treats, I’d buy those from you.”

KID: “Damn.”

Then, last week in Manhattan, another teenager standing outside a del
i beckoned me while waving folded dollar bills.

KID: “Excuse me, s
ir; would you buy me a Dutch?”

ME (not knowing what a Dutch was): “How about an orange or an apple?”

KID: “What?”

ME: “I’ll buy you an orange or an apple.”

KID: “Nah, I’d rather have a Dutch.”

I did a little research and discovered that a “Dutch” is slang for a Dutch Masters cigar. A Dutch is often used by those who like to roll their ow
n marijuana cigarettes, more commonly known as "blunts," "bleezies," "fattys," or "Dutchies." The tobacco is removed from the cigar, and the cigar wrapper—bigger than rolling paper—is then rolled with marijuana.

I also found out
that Dutch Masters are available in different flavors (i.e. strawberry, grape, honey, cognac). I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad if I had bought the kid a fruit-flavored variety.

Next time.

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