Thursday, February 10, 2011

EU'S Dacian Cioloş to President Obama: "WTF?" (JK)

While the American government ignores the public’s concerns and continues its inexorable march toward becoming the haven for genetically modified crops and their accompanying pesticides (thank you, USDA and Monsanto), Europe remains true to its people’s wishes.

As Philip Brasher reported yesterday on the Des Moines Register Green Fields blog, European Union Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Cioloş (photo, right) sounded like the anti-Tom Vilsack, the American Secretary of Agriculture.

Some of Cioloş’s comments:

“We have our tradition for food and we have our appreciation for what it means for the quality of food.”
“When you ask the citizens they want to use more sure products, consume more sure products, more quality products. They buy the food, so they have the right to choose this food.”
Also, according the Brasher, “Cioloş told reporters the biotech issue ‘is a preoccupation of American authorities’ and that they are following the ‘scientific analysis from one side, the producer of this GMO.’ GMO, a common acronym for biotech crops, stands for genetically modified organism.”

Is it possible that the esteemed commissioner was being politically correct, especially since he was speaking in English? My Romanian isn’t too good, but I think what he really wanted to say was:
“Hey, Obama, WTF with your kissing of Monsanto’s ass? USDA approval of genetically engineered alfalfa AND sugar beets within a week? Dude, doesn’t that sort of run counter to the organic garden on your front lawn?”

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debbie said...

I absolutely abhor Monsanto. They are obviously putting money into someone's pockets in the USDA and the government. They have a history of interchanging people from working for Monsanto and then the government. Obama doesn't really care about the health of this nation or the first lady about the health of the children or this would be stopped. America only cares about money above all else