Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nestlé Water Replacing Larger Plastic Jugs Containing BPA

Continuing yesterday’s theme, another company shifting away from packaging containing Bisphenol A (BPA) is Nestlé Waters North America.

BPA has traditionally been found in the company’s three- and five-gallon plastic jugs (marked with a “7” in the recycling logo) that are popular in offices and homes. All smaller plastic bottles (marked with a “1” or “2”) are free of BPA.

Citing the public outcry over BPA, Nestlé is slowly replacing the old #7 containers with newer #1 jugs (made from a different type of plastic) in all of its regional brands, which include Poland Spring in the Northeast, Zephyrhills in Florida and Arrowhead in the West. The process will take two years and will be completed by June 2012.

However, #7 bottles are still being delivered; Nestlé does not share any information about the change on its website. Customers are left to their own devices to find out.

I learned about the swapping program from one of my clients, who, after realizing her unopened five-gallon bottles were #7 plastic, called Poland Spring to cancel her service. Immediately, she was told that #1 bottles would be promptly delivered to her home to replace the old containers.

For those customers not in the know, the type of bottle one gets depends on chance and the inventory of local distributing branches. Customers requesting the newer bottles receive them if they are available.

Replacing the bottles must be costing Nestlé a fortune and demand can’t outpace supply, but the current roll-out process doesn’t seem completely forthcoming and judicious.

What do you think?


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Oni said...

Petition signed.

Chef Rob said...

Anonymous - Thanks for the documentary suggestions.

Oni - Thanks for signing. Every voice counts!

Oni said...

Yeah, and just realized I meant to post that comment in the antibacterial soap comment section, but no harm done I suppose.

Katrina said...

I'm calling Poland Springs right now!!! We have been drinking out of those bottles for a couple of years now. I guess I'm going to be drinking NYC tap water until they bring me my new bottles!

Chef Rob said...


In case you didn't see it, I answered your oatmeal questions in the comments section of that post. Glad to have you as a follower.


Anonymous said...

I was curious about Poland Spring's move from #7 to #1 bottles, and checking their website, they state:

"We are more than half way through transitioning from Polycarbonate to BPA-free PET bottles and expect the transition to be complete by 2013."

It's February 7 and we are still receiving bottles with the #7 stamp.

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