Friday, October 28, 2011

In Car with Air Freshener; My Health Now Going to Hell

I was in a car last night, stuck in traffic for several hours. That was the easy part.

The owner, much to my chagrin, was using a hanging car air freshener. Twelve hours later, as I write this, I still have a headache and feel off. (My irritated throat cleared earlier this morning.)

So overpowering were the odors released by the gadget's chemicals that I opted for an open window (and fumes from the stalled traffic) whenever possible. Yet, there was no escaping the smells.

We have been led to believe that the "clean" scents of laundry detergents, surface cleaners and soaps are the natural by-products of cleaning. This, however, couldn't be further from the truth; what we are smelling are powerful chemicals that can harm us and our children.

I'll discuss this further next week; I now need to spend 24 hours in a cleansing chamber.


Natalie said...

I get the same headache for HOURS. Why are they used? And why aren't people as sensitive as I am?

Chef Rob said...


I have no idea why they are used. Great marketing to blame, maybe?

I think a lot of people are sensitive but are afraid to say anything for fear of offending, much like I was last night. It won't happen again, though.

It Is Our Normal said...

I think people are sensitive to it and don't realize what is bothering them. I like to walk in my rural neighborhood and believe it or not I get tight in the lungs when I pass a house that is using something scented in their dryer and it is being vented outside. I can smell it strongly. I wonder if it is in my mind or am I really having a reaction to it?

Anonymous said...

You guys have a mild form of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It's important to address it early on, as a few sufferers become so sensitive that life in the modern world becomes impossible. Once you become sensitive to building materials and can't live in a building, life becomes unbearable for many. Others can't wear clothes. Others can't be anywhere around electromagnetic frequencies (you can imagine this is challenging seeing as how they're everywhere). Severe cases will have worse symptoms than just headaches and flu-like symptoms. Seizures, paralysis, and altered mental state are not uncommon. There are environmental medicine specialists who treat the biochemical aspect of it, and a new promising treatment, brain retraining, is healing some who have been disabled for years. I only mention this b/c you probably want to self-educate about how to control it before it becomes too late. I just wish I had caught it in the early stages. Here is good info on two of the brain retraining programs: Reading the Gupta hypothesis will go far to teach you what (I believe) has happened to hypersensitize the brain. Take care!

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