Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making Hamburgers? Try Ground Lamb

I cook hamburgers using grass-fed beef two or three times each month. As an alternative, many people make turkey burgers, but when I am in the mood for something different, I use ground lamb. I love lamb's earthy (or slightly gamey, depending on your palate) taste.

To complement the lamb's flavor, I incorporated sautéed onions, chopped parsley and ground cumin into the patties. Another possibility is feta cheese, but I didn't have any.

For a sauce, I felt like something other than ketchup, so I combined equal parts plain whole fat yogurt, mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. Sides were a salad of greens from my garden and pan-fried Japanese sweet potatoes bought at a farmers' market.


Oni said...

Whenever my little brother and I make burgers, which is actually almost every week, we crush FETA Cheese and put it on there, sometimes along with ketchup. The juices from the beef mixes pretty well with the cheese. Might be a little odd, but it tastes good like salt on tomatoes, lol.

Neither of us care much for mayonnaise or mustard, but might give this a try sometime.

Oni said...

Seems I missed the topic a little bit, might check out Ground Lamb as well if I can find it.

Anonymous said...

Ground lamb is my ground meat of choice, although it needs to be drained of fat. Will be sparse though this winter, as I delayed my deposit to my local farmer and all their lambs sold out for the remainder of the year! You can bet I have put down my deposit for June 2012 already. Don;t want to go so long without my delicious, affordable, organic local lamb. It's delish.