Monday, November 15, 2010

Maple Hill Creamery Yogurt: A Great Yogurt

I am always on the lookout for new, quality food products.

Even before tasting, I had a good feeling about Maple Hill Creamery’s plain yogurt, primarily because of the front label’s “Made with organic milk from 100% grass-fed cows.” Add the short ingredient list (whole organic milk, cultures) and I knew I had found something special.

And then I tried it. Wow! It was luxuriant, clean-tasting and tangy. Maple Hill Creamery, after only one spoonful, joined Seven Stars Farm in my pantheon of great yogurts.

After finishing, I visited the creamery’s website and found myself in myth-busting heaven, staring at a clickable tab asking “Hey…Why NO low-fat yogurt?”

Like many, I believe that we are doing ourselves a nutritional disservice by eating low-fat dairy products (especially from corn-fed animals). Avoiding fat deprives us of the many beneficial vitamins and nutrients found in the fat of grass-fed dairy products and prevents us from properly satiating our appetites. (Read Friday’s post for a related conversation.)

The six-ounce cup of plain yogurt completely satisfied me. Actually, less did the trick, but it was too good to not finish.

Maple Hill makes six flavors. Plain was my favorite, but four others—lemon, orange crème, maple and vanilla—didn’t trail far behind. The wild blueberry needed more blueberry flavor.

Keep in mind that this is traditional yogurt, not candy masqueraded as yogurt. The flavorings (mostly from extracts) are subtle and only undertones of sweetness (from organic sugar) are present.

I found Maple Hill Creamery yogurt at Fairway for $1.29; Whole Foods sells it for $1.49. Click here to find other stores (just in the Northeast for now) that carry Maple Hill Creamery yogurt.

Tomorrow: The story behind the company.


Anonymous said...

Rob: I'm a yogurt lover and learned a long time ago to stay away from the average yogurt for exactly the reasons you mention - they are full of artificial stuff! Since a trip to Greece, I am hooked on Fage yogurt ( It's thick and creamy unflavored yogurt. It's great for use in cooking too. The 0% ingredients are just "Grade A Pasturized Skimmed Milk, Live Active Yogurt Cultures".

I would be interested to hear what you think about it.

The Un-Domestic Goddess said...

Love your site! I've been making my own yogurt (it's not hard I promise) for about two years. Can't beat it! It was hit or miss finding full fat organic grass fed yogurt at the store.

Anonymous said...

I make my own yogurt too, but I found the taste of Maple Hill Creamery Plain Yogurt, shockingly bad. It tastes like cow. Not like filth, but like a cow smells. I guess that's not surprising in the big picture, but the yogurt's just not for me.

Anonymous said...

it is very very very sour, Not very good

Anonymous said...

this is the best natural yogurt I've ever had.. wallaby is second after discovering this .. the taste is fresh, and clean because it is duhhh! This review was very well stated.

Anonymous said...

Extremely thin (watery) consistency. Not good for dips or cooking. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

For a full fat yogurt MHC it is very watery so I like it for granola/ cereal but the grass taste is a little off putting. Liberte makes undoubtedly the best plain yogurt at the moment in my book anyway. There is a small company, green mountain yogurt (not the Greek yogurt by a yogurt company with the same name) that sells at a handful of stores in Central VT that is thick, creamy and my second best at the moment. It would be first if I could buy it more easily and if they changed their packaging. The sour cherry and the maple are unparalleled. You have never tasted yogurt this good. Let's hope they don't sell out to big yogurt like so many of the small creameries do, Liberte and MHC included. Somehow good yogurt gets lost when making the leap from small batch to big.

Anonymous said...

The yogurt I make myself comes out better than this stuff -- very unappetizing texture/consistency (chunky and watery). Would not buy again.