Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to Make a Superlative Homemade Barbeque Sauce

Following up on yesterday's theme of taking matters into our own hands, a reader made the beef, barley and mushroom soup (using short ribs) that I recently wrote about. She was thrilled with the results and thought it the perfect winter food for her kids.

As good as that soup can be, I hope she whips up the barbeque sauce that I've just started making. It's absolutely delicious and healthier than any store-bought variety, especially if quality ingredients are used. (If we all haven't switched to organic ketchup and organic sugar yet, we should.)

This recipe (from a magazine, not sure which one) makes a little less than two cups; store it in the refrigerator. I used it as a condiment for grilled chicken and arugula sandwiches (using boneless organic thighs) and it was fabulous.

Some other thoughts: Try to use organic Worcestershire sauce if you can find it. (Annie's makes a good one.) Commercial varieties are full of emulsifiers, stabilizers and synthetic ingredients that none of us need to ingest. Also, don't skip the chili powder or paprika; the hint of smokiness adds immeasurably to the final result.


1 tablespoon butter

1 clove garlic, minced

1 cup ketchup
1/3 cup (packed) brown sugar

1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce (I use Annie's organic)
¼ cup lemon juice

¼ teaspoon Chipotle chili powder, regular chili powder or paprika

Salt and pepper, to taste

Melt butter in small saucepan; add garlic and stir 30 seconds. Stir in remaining ingredients, bring to a boil then return to a simmer. Reduce to desired consistency, stirring occasionally. (I cook it for about 15 minutes.) Season to taste with salt and pepper. Store in refrigerator.

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