Monday, January 16, 2012

Not Sitting on Your Commute? Don't Blame Me (or My Ass)

The havoc our food supply causes isn't limited to health and financial issues. The headline of a story in today's New York Times says it all: "Transit Agencies Face the New Calculus of Broader Backsides."

So, while our health insurance premiums skyrocket because of every hormone-laced chicken, artificially-colored snack and nutrient-poor school lunch, the chance of us getting a seat on public transportation diminishes:
"The problem of American waists that are too big for seats meant to accommodate them is certainly not new. Today, everything from love seats to toilet seats can be built bigger to accommodate wider profiles, and the seats offered on public transportation are no different.

"Each time an agency decides to purchase new trains or buses, it must consider whether to make its seats wider, knowing that a decision to do so could come at the expense of passenger capacity."
Click here to read the entire story. (Hopefully you are sitting.)

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Oni said...

It's just a picture of a few seats, but that photo is cringe worthy.