Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Home Remedies That Will Work & Save You Money

Here are two quick home remedies for everyday problems, both of which have probably been used since way before people started sleeping under roofs.

First, I cut off a very, very small piece of the tip of my right pointer finger yesterday while prepping a mango. Instead of using some super-duper, triple-quadruple, we'll-save-the-world-if-you-buy-our-expensive-ointment ointment, I put some honey on the wound and covered it with tape. Twenty four hours later, the cut is closed and hardly burdensome. For the most part, anytime I get a scratch or cut, I use honey.

Second, a friend mentioned recently that his feet get really dry and will crack, especially during the summer. I recommended he rub olive oil (or coconut oil or shea butter) on his feet; I use all of these on my dry hands during the winter. He reported in yesterday via email:
"Good call on olive oil on feet. Worked like a charm. Fell a couple times but no cracking."
Unfortunately, I've got nothing to help him with his balance.

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