Friday, August 31, 2012

Great Sale on Grass-Fed Ground Beef at Whole Foods

As I've mentioned before, Whole Foods is a great place to shop, especially if you buy the store's in-house brand (365 and 365 Organic) and take advantage of the always-running sales on fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and dry goods.

In addition, there are occasionally one-day promotions that shouldn't be missed. I recently bought (and froze) six pounds of wild sockeye salmon for $10 per pound, instead of the usual $17.

I am already clearing my freezer for next Friday (September 7), when ground grass-fed beef will be on sale (in all United States stores) for $5, about $4 less than usual. Last year when Whole Foods had this sale I bought 10 pounds (in individually-wrapped one-pound packages) and saved myself $40. Why not?

Here's part of an email I received on Wednesday from Whole Foods advertising the sale:
"Here’s the beef! Mark your calendar for Friday, September 7. Why? Because on that Friday only all of our US stores will have ground grass-fed beef on sale for $4.99 per pound. If you haven’t tried grass-fed beef before, this is the perfect time to see what everyone’s talking about. The rest of you 'seasoned' grass-fed beef lovers can take advantage of this opportunity and stock up! This sale is one day only so you’ve got to stop by our stores on Friday, September 7th to pick some up.

"Sale valid in our US stores only, while supplies last. Availability and limits may vary by region, so you can contact your store for details. Most of our stores do not provide rain checks for sales like this.

"Here’s what to know about grass-fed beef:

• Grass-fed beef ranching is not only good for the animals, but involves managing natural resources and supporting local producers.
• Grass-fed beef is a leaner choice and has a more favorable ratio of omega fatty acids.
• Grass-fed beef is priced fairly for the producer and is worth every penny.
• Grass-fed beef is a delicious alternative to grain-fed beef and cooks a little differently."

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