Friday, September 7, 2012

Today Only: Grass-Fed Ground Beef on Sale at Whole Foods

If you live near a Whole Foods, remember to take advantage of the store's great one-day national sale today on grass-fed ground beef. I bought 10 pounds this morning for $4.99 per pound, a heavy discount from the regular price of $8.99 per pound.

I had it prepared in 10 one-pound packages; nine pounds went into my freezer and $40 stayed in my pocket.

Click here to read about the health benefits of grass-fed meat and dairy products. You may never eat food from a commercial factory feedlot again.


Arthur said...

Rob, thanks for posting this great WF deal on your site. It's clear that along with your passion for the "new" food movement, you take into account people's budgets, and your tips on purchasing and preserving food are invaluable and always helpful. So thank you for that.

Thanks even more for commenting on Roger Cohen's article on the "myth" of organic food in today's NY Times (and making it to the top of the "NY Times picks" list!) It's unfortunate the irreparable harm such an irresponsible article will have. Thank goodness that you occupy a diametrically opposite space on the web, and that you make your voice heard.

Chef Rob said...


Thank you for your kind words; I really appreciate it.

Also, nicely done on catching my comment. It must be the organic food you are eating . . .