Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Pound of Non-Organic (Sliced) Apples for $3.76? No Thanks!

From the "This Is Not a Good Deal" aisle of a Publix supermarket in Florida:

A 14-ounce package of conventional (non-organic) "sweet apple slices" sells for $3.29, which translates to $3.76 for a pound of pre-sliced apples (that may or may not have a tiny bit of flavor) packaged in a plastic bag.

The far better choice—just a shelf below—is a 3-pound bag of whole (I can't believe I had to write "whole" to describe apples) organic gala apples for $4.99. That's $1.66 per pound, or less than half the price of the seemingly more convenient already-cut apples.

How much time does cutting an apple take? Thirty seconds? And putting the slices into a plastic bag? Five seconds?

Ditch the saved pesticides, but use the extra money to buy organic whole grains (instead of conventional white) or organic ketchup. "Organic food" does not necessarily mean "more expensive food," especially when compared to so-called convenience and packaged foods. (Boxed cereals are a great money drain.)

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Anonymous said...

You are so right! I think some purveyors are hoping that buyers won't be aware of good nutrition/good personal finance. Shame on them!