Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Incorporating Frozen Organic Fruit into Winter Fruit Rotation

Most of the fruit I eat during the winter is limited to fresh organic oranges, grapefruit and apples. It does get boring, though, so on occasion I work thawed frozen organic fruit (especially berries) into the rotation; my favorite are wild blueberries.

Any "fresh" organic berries available this time of year are grown in Chile or Argentina, are very expensive and, I find, have disappointing flavor, at best.

I really like Whole Foods' frozen organic wild blueberries, which have a true blueberry taste and are grown in Canada. Also good are the raspberries (tart!) and mangoes (sweet!). However, stay away from the peaches; their flavor and texture remind me more of wet cardboard than a peach.

There is a reasonable price difference between organic and conventional frozen fruit, but I am willing to pay a premium to avoid pesticides. That decision is personal, but I offer one question: "What price health?" 

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