Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Quick and Easy Recipe Using Corn

It’s turning into Corn Week at The Delicious Truth. (Similar to Shark Week, but different.)

Seriously, I wanted to provide another quick and easy recipe using corn. For lunch yesterday—to go with our baked flounder filets (eight minutes at 350° in the toaster oven!)—I sautéed together fresh corn kernels, string beans and halved cherry tomatoes.

I know this dish sounds similar to the tomato, corn and arugula salad I discussed Wednesday, but it encapsulates how I approach cooking: employing basic techniques while using interchangeable ingredients.

Instead of string beans, I could have easily used broccoli or zucchini. Why string beans? Well, I had picked some the other day from my garden and they were in my refrigerator. I had no recipe in mind and my only plan was to use whatever I had.

To start—while the flounder was cooking—I heated some olive oil in a sauté pan. I cut kernels off an ear of corn and began halving string beans into bite-size pieces. However, before I could finish, the oil was hot, so I put the corn and the prepped string beans into the pan.

While that cooked, I finished cutting the string beans and added those to the pan. I stirred occasionally, and when the string beans started to soften (five minutes), I added the halved cherry tomatoes. I let the mixture cook for about three minutes, until the tomatoes just started to soften. I added lemon juice, parsley, fresh ground pepper and unrefined sea salt for more flavor and nutrition.

Along with the flounder, the vegetables comprised a delicious lunch that took less than 15 minutes to prepare and cost about $6.50 per person.

I hope that helps debunk the myth that cooking healthy is time-consuming and expensive, an issue I'll address next week.


Jimmy Reilly said...

Good stuff. I've been reading and enjoying your blog. I'll try this recipe. Hope all is well!

penstalker said...

I don't spend much time thinking about how to cook my food. I just take a look at what's available in the fridge then cook whatever. Though I've been trying to eat healthy for the past two months or so. I'll check some other recipes in your blog. will be a big help. :)

Anonymous said...

While definitely less than a restaurant meal, I honestly wish I could afford to spend $6.50 for a serving.