Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PAN and Its "What's On My Food?" Website

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog regularly is aware of my views on hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial colorants, synthetic additives and other toxins in our food, water, personal hygiene and household cleaning products.

I just learned of the Pesticide Action Network (PAN), an organization that “promotes the elimination of highly hazardous pesticides and offers solutions that protect people and the environment.”

PAN North America is active on many fronts, including issues such as the safety of our water supply, the use of dangerous agricultural fumigants and airborne pesticide drift.

One of PAN’s recent projects is the “What’s on my food?” website, a great tool for everyone, especially parents. Take a minute or two, click on your favorite foods and see the chemicals we are ingesting on a regular basis.

(I’ve added a widget for the “What's on my food?” site directly to the right -->. It'll always be there, so click on it for easy access to pesticide heaven.)

Many people tell me they don’t have the time to worry about this. But shouldn’t we—at the very least—be aware of what's being done to our food supply, especially when, according to PAN:

"Most of us are born with persistent pesticides and other chemicals already in our bodies, passed from mother to child during fetal development. The human health impacts linked to pesticide exposure range from birth defects and childhood brain cancer in the very young, to Parkinson’s disease in the elderly. In between are a variety of other cancers, developmental and neurological disorders, reproductive and hormonal system disruptions, and more."

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