Monday, September 28, 2009

More on Hot Pockets and the Eat Freely Marketing Campaign

Several Delicious Truth readers commented on Friday’s post about Hot Pockets and its associated Eat Freely marketing campaign.

First, a great point was brought up that I overlooked while writing the post. The Eat Freely ad campaign is predicated on the idea of, well, eating freely. However, as one reader wrote, “Ironically, you do need an oven (or a microwave) to heat the things up, so how "free" are they really?”

I am now wondering if there is an oven or microwave in the limo in the above ad.

This is obviously an important question that the creative team may not want us to ask. Or, as in my case, we become so infuriated by the ridiculousness of the campaign that our common sense is temporarily sidetracked.

A second reader provided links to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a press release describing how “the meat/tobacco/processed food industry has set up the so-called “Center for Consumer Freedom” to promote their products.”

Finally, a third comment, which wins the Dilemma of the Day Award: “So funny that you noticed and commented on this commercial - my nephew is IN this commercial! He is an actor, and this was a really big deal for him. Our family, despite the fact that we wouldn't touch a Hot Pocket with a ten-foot pole, does hope the commercial gets aired many, many times!”

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