Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Latest Round in the Soda Tax War

In yesterday's New York Times, David Leonhardt discussed the debate over taxing soda. The current battleground is the District of Columbia and the soda companies are fighting with all their strength.

No matter how sensible a soda tax seems (to counter its costs to society), don’t discount Big Soda. According to Leondhardt, “the industry has succeeded recently in beating back similar taxes in New York and Philadelphia, and in keeping one out of the federal health overhaul bill.”

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo will spend millions to get their message across, Leonhardt wrote. “Ellen Valentino, an industry official, recently told The Washington Post that companies would spend ‘whatever it takes’ to make their case.”

Coincidentally, just after reading Leonhardt's article, I came across an ad for Coca-Cola on the Web. It was actually more like a public (self-)service announcement, espousing the great things Coca-Cola is doing for us.

After several clicks I found this video, which would be comical if it were a "Saturday Night Live" skit. But it’s not.

And I wonder what Rhona Applebaum, the video's talking head, is really thinking . . .


Paul said...

All she did was say that coke will dissolve your teeth if you don't brush your teeth and have good oral hygene. I even like to have a coke once in a while, I just don't get how that is supposed to help the company.

Anonymous said...

I love Rhona's hand gestures... great how she accentuates the coal sweeping through the mouth. hysterical. Nick P (CU)