Monday, July 12, 2010

The Cutting and Regrowth of Dark Leafy Greens


Anonymous said...


Every 5 days or so...that's quite a bit, if one is vigilant with keeping them trimmed. (Of course, I'm assuming a perhaps sunnier climate than what you have in NYC, since I'm thinking of many months of potential growing.)

Thanks for demonstrating that...really cool to get that specific. I myself have only grown some herbs. My folks have grown quite a bit more. Part of the reason I haven't done more is simply our living arrangement. But maybe before too long!

Thanks again for showing that...totally cool for you to do so.

-Jon (now in SC)

Chef Rob said...


My pleasure. FYI, I grow everything out on Long Island, not in NYC. Unfortunately, I'm not out there all the time, so I can't keep on top of the garden as much as I would like.

The weather this year has been amazing. Very little rain, but absurd amounts of sun and heat. Some veggies/flowers are weeks ahead of their typical schedules. Getting the plants enough water is essential, though.