Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to Make Lemonade

Last week I gave a nutritional talk at a luncheon. I stole a quick peek into the kitchen to see what the “green” caterer was preparing. In addition to some salads and vegetable-based dishes, there was lemonade.

Except it wasn’t really lemonade. One of the servers was mixing powdered Country Time Lemonade with water. Needless to say, I passed on the lemonade that day.

I know why this stuff exists but making real lemonade is easy and the flavor is a million times better than any powdered mix.

To make enough lemonade to fill a standard pitcher, I mix the juice from three large lemons with four cups of water, a handful or two of ice and a simple syrup concoction. To make the simple syrup, dissolve four tablespoons of sugar into four tablespoons of water over low heat.

As with anything, readjust the taste as needed by adding more lemon juice, water and/or simple syrup. For additional flavor and color, throw in some fresh mint.

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