Friday, March 18, 2011

The Next Big Fight: Genetically Engineered Foods

There’s a lot going on in the real food movement, but the fight against genetically engineered (GE) foods and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in foods is starting to pick up steam.

Unfortunately, GE alfalfa and sugar beets have been approved for use in the United States, and GE salmon isn’t far behind. While these are awful developments, they have actually helped raise awareness about the topic.

Mark Bittman of The New York Times recently wrote about the labeling (or lack thereof) of GMO foods in his online column.

And now we have the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) joining the fracas with the formation of a “Millions Against Monsanto” campaign. A big nationwide day of action is planned for October 16 (World Food Day), but local rallies are also planned for March 26, including one in front of the White House.

Click here for more information about the upcoming events.

Click here for OCA’s list of “10 Things Monsanto Does Not Want You to Know.”

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