Friday, April 29, 2011

Can Marketing Toward Children Be Tamed?

The marketing of junk food and fast food to our children is sinister and, some would argue, criminal. Whether it be via television, movies or online games, the incessant hawking of these unhealthy foodstuffs creates brand awareness and loyalty, which is exactly what the food companies want.

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to read an article from today's New York Times ("U.S. Seeks New Limits on Food Ads for Children"), which chronicles the latest in this battle:
"The federal government proposed sweeping new guidelines on Thursday that could push the food industry to overhaul how it advertises cereal, soda pop, snacks, restaurant meals and other foods to children."
"The guidelines, released by the Federal Trade Commission, encompass a broad range of marketing efforts, including television and print ads, Web sites, online games that act as camouflaged advertisements, social media, product placements in movies, the use of movie characters in cross-promotions and fast-food children’s meals. The inclusion of digital media, such as product-based games, represents one of the government’s strongest efforts so far to address the extension of children’s advertising into the online world, which children’s health advocates say is a growing problem."

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