Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Interesting Food-Related Articles

There have been some interesting food-related articles in The New York Times this week.

First, Mark Bittman’s “How to Save a Trillion Dollars,” his take on the current budget mess:
"In the scheme of things, saving the 38 billion bucks that Congress seems poised to agree upon is not a big deal. A big deal is saving a trillion bucks. And we could do that by preventing disease instead of treating it."
I’m confident the drug companies aren’t parading around Bittman’s column, though. The last thing they want is for us to be healthy.

Second, an article looks at the bureaucracy and difficulty involved with starting community farmers’ markets in low-income neighborhoods in New York City. These markets are not affiliated with the main farmers’ market program, which tends to set up markets in more affluent areas.

Doesn’t this defeat Mayor Bloomberg’s goal of getting everyone to eat healthier?

Third, an aquatic and fishery sciences professor wrote an opinion piece discussing how the depletion of fish in our oceans may be overblown.

The only fish I’ve been eating lately are sardines and anchovies, so that may be the reason why. Kidding.

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