Friday, March 16, 2012

Jack LaLanne's 10-Point Self-Improvement Plan

Our monthly dose of Jack LaLanne focuses on Jack's 10-point plan for self-improvement. The usual topics are discussed, but in Jack's straightforward manner, which is much different than the hyped approach taken by many of today's self-help gurus. I really like the fifth point—grooming—especially since, according to Jack, "some of you girls get into a rut."

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Anonymous said...

I'll be tongue-in-cheek here. My group exercise teacher mentioned Jack in a class last week. I can't recall the context, but it was positive and started out something like "You all remember Jack LaLanne... "
A comment heard from the back was : "He's dead." We all giggled a little and then worked our butts off for the next 45 minutes.