Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easy Cooking 101: Put Stuff on a Plate (You Choose!)

Here's a quick, easy, cheap, nutritious and delicious lunch I made for myself the other day without much fuss. One component was quinoa mixed with chopped red and yellow peppers, carrots, arugula, unrefined sea salt, fresh ground pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. On the side were some walnuts, a block of cheese and a piece of whole wheat sourdough bread.

The dressing is a tahini sauce. To make it, put some tahini (sesame seed paste) in a bowl. Stir in some water a little at a time; the mixture will become more liquidy. Add the amount of water (slowly!) to achieve the consistency you like. Add some lemon juice, salt and fresh ground pepper.

As I say all the time, eating self-prepared, great meals at home does not have to entail a Julia Childesque production. Use what you have and what you like. No quinoa, but brown rice? Fine! Hate peppers? Use a cucumber. Dropped the arugula on the floor? Use parsley. Have a half of avocado in the fridge? Mix it in!

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