Thursday, April 26, 2012

Give Me Life, Liberty and Lots of Real Fat from Real Food

I love asparagus, they are in season now and there's a good chance I'll figure out a way to eat some every day for the next two months.

Yesterday's lunch: A fried egg over roasted asparagus with overwintered arugula (from my garden) and a chunk of whole wheat sourdough bread (from Bread Alone). Not in the photo are the Kerrygold cheddar cheese I grated over the egg and the chunk of Smjör butter I put on the bread.

Two of my essential core beliefs in regard to food, nutrition and health were served with lunch as well:

  1. We do not get fat from real, full-fat versions of real food.
  2. If God wanted us to eat egg white omelets, he/she/it would have made eggs without the yolks.
Stay away from food with chemicals and the world will be a better place.

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