Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Out-of-Nowhere Chicken, Fat, Quinoa and Kale Lunch

Sometimes delicious lunches or dinners can be spontaneous creations. The other day, right before lunchtime, I was sautéing chicken thighs to make a curried chicken salad for the following night's dinner.

After cooking the thighs (dark meat has more nutrients than white meat and, in my opinion, is tastier and juicier), I realized I'd be crazy to not utilize the chicken fat and bits of meat on the bottom of the pan.

I had some cooked quinoa in the refrigerator so I added that to the pan. I warmed the quinoa in the chicken fat while scraping off any stuck chicken. I also added some kale, arugula and fresh lemon juice, plus some pieces of the chicken I had just cooked. I mixed everything together, tasted and reseasoned.

The concoction was one of the most satisfying lunches—out of nowhere!—I've had in a long time. Don't be shy; throw stuff in a pan. There's a good chance it'll taste pretty good.

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