Monday, May 14, 2012

The Fire Machine: A Better Way to Eliminate Weeds

I visited the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture this weekend and was mesmerized by something other than the food, animals or gardens. Instead, a fire-breathing, weed-killing machine caught my fancy.

In lieu of using dangerous pesticides to kill weeds growing between cobblestones, the center employs a machine that spews propane-generated flames to keep the weeds at bay and the soil, water and air safe.

Why no pesticides at Stone Barns? This from Beyond Pesticides:
"Of 30 commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 are linked with cancer or carcinogencity, 13 are linked with birth defects, 21 with reproductive effects, 26 with liver or kidney damage, 15 with neurotoxicity, and 11 with disruption of the endocrine (hormonal) system. Of those same 30 lawn pesticides, 17 are detected in groundwater, 23 have the ability to leach into drinking water sources, 24 are toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms vital to our ecosystem, 11 are toxic to bees, and 16 are toxic to birds."
Wouldn't it be nice if these machines became the norm and not a novelty item? Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't spray our public (and private) spaces with dangerous chemicals that cause a bevy of problems for humans and animals, and spoil the food and water we eat and drink?

Haven't made the move away from spraying your lawn with harmful pesticides yet? There are options. Click here to visit, "a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting natural lawn care and grounds maintenance."

Here's the fire-breathing machine in action (click here to watch if you are receiving The Delicious Truth via email):

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