Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Kitchen Gadget You Actually May Use (If You Like Mangoes)

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Anonymous said...


Do you have any info on this; both my daughter and I seem to be sensitive to mango. I don't want to say we have an allergy, but I have had my throat tighten up twice when eating mango -- once in a salad and once in a milkshake. I have been able to eat it in chutney, with no problem, however. My daughter's experience was picking up a mango in the store and the palm of her hand swelled and itched. I don't believe she has ever eaten any because of this reaction. Do you know if this is common? We would both like to eat mangoes but feel we should not.

Noel said...

Honestly, You have no idea how to eat mangoes :)) Agreed that it makes a life little easy but you can peel off using peeler and slice. IMO, little mess if mango is ripe. Or Squeeze mangoes lightly and make it very very soft without braking the skin and then squeeze out the juice/puree (Ask any Indian -from India- if you know).

Similar tool, I HIGHLY recommend is Oxo Pineapple Corer. Made my life so easy that I eat 2 pineapples a week and make Cicha de Pina (since its summer now)

Chef Rob said...

Anonymous - I haven't heard of anything mango-specific in regard to sensitivities, but I've heard of them for many other foods. I really believe these reactions are a by-product of the highly toxic world we live in. For more on the topic, read this article ("The Peanut Puzzle") - http://jeromegroopman.com/ny-articles/PeanutPuzzle-0207-2011.pdf - which appeared in The New Yorker last year. Hope that helps.