Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nicholas Kristof: "How Chemicals Affect Us"

A few people know a lot about the chemicals in our food, water, personal health care products, household cleaning supplies, food packaging, etc. Some people know a little. A lot of people know nothing.

And that is why Nicholas Kristof, the great New York Times columnist, is doing such a service when he writes pieces such as "How Chemicals Affect Us" that discuss issues that Big Food, Big Chemical and Big Drug want to keep silent. The more people who are even just a smidgen aware that—to give just one example—our shampoos are full of chemicals that are affecting our health, the better.

Do you think General Mills would have removed the petroleum-based artificial colors from Yoplait Trix Yogurt if people like Jane Hersey of the Feingold Association weren't working tirelessly to raise awareness about the synthetic colors' dangers?

Knowledge is power and Kristof and many others are helping us gain the power to transform our individual lives and society as a whole.

Today's assignment? Click here to read "How Chemicals Affect Us" by Kristof in today's Times. And then tell two friends about it. I'm serious.

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