Monday, June 25, 2012

The Meat Without Drugs Campaign Takes Flight

Following up on last Thursday's post about the burgeoning movement to rid our food supply of the antibiotics that are unnecessarily administered to our healthy livestock, we should all be aware of the Meat Without Drugs campaign, a concerted effort by a handful of consumer watchdogs (Consumers Union, Center for Food Safety, Environmental Working Group, Natural Resources Defense Council, et al.) which are trying to force real change.

The campaign has started a petition that asks Trader Joe's to sell meat raised without antibiotics:
"We’re calling on Trader Joe’s to only source their meat from animals raised without antibiotics. As one of the most progressive national retailers, Trader Joe’s has already demonstrated care for their customers’ health by saying no to GMOs, artificial colors and trans fats in the products they sell. Trader Joe’s can also be a leader by helping move the livestock industry in the right direction."
Click here to sign the petition.

(Currently, Whole Foods is the sole national food market that only carries meat from animals raised without antibiotics.)

The group also produced a video (below) that succinctly sums up the issue in 93 seconds. (If you are receiving The Delicious Truth via email, click here to watch.)

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