Friday, June 29, 2012

Eating Well Doesn't Have to Suffer When On the Run

Unfortunately, eating well doesn't happen magically. But if one knows how to cook and shop a little, great results can be had. Also, a little planning is necessary.

Yesterday, just around lunchtime, I had an appointment that, combined with travel to and from, precluded me from having lunch at home. Not eating was not an option, and, for me, grabbing something from a random place wouldn't be either.

The solution? I put together a quick sandwich in less than 10 minutes, using foods I had on hand.

The result? A hard-boiled egg/avocado/cheddar cheese/lettuce sandwich, with some raw carrots, radishes and snap peas on the side. I also took along some walnuts and dried figs.

No cooking (except warming the frozen Finnish Ruis bread) was involved. I had hard boiled some eggs the day before and prepping everything else entailed just cleaning and/or chopping.

Some may say, "Ten minutes? I don't have ten minutes!" But how long does it take to find a place to buy food, order it and pay for it?

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