Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whole Foods Adds Organic Boxed Beans to Product Line

I just noticed a new product at Whole Foods. The store is now selling—under its house 365 Organic label—different varieties of organic beans (already cooked) in 13.4-ounce BPA-free boxes. The boxes are very convenient when picnicking or eating while traveling.

These boxes further add to the market's line of ready-to-eat beans (organic and non-organic), all of which are cheaper than name brands.

Whole Foods now offers:
  • Non-organic beans in 15-ounce cans for $0.89
  • Organic beans in 15-ounce cans for $1.29
  • Organic beans in 13.4-ounce boxes for $1.49
The Whole Foods cans do contain BPA in their linings, so if one is looking for organic beans in BPA-free cans, Eden is the option ($2.39 or $2.49) for a 15-ounce can.

The Whole Foods boxed beans challenge Fig Foods' boxed beans, which are more expensive ($2.79 for 17.6 ounces).

As I've written previously, buying Whole Foods' 365 Organic products is a great, cost-effective way to enjoy high-quality organic foods.


Julie G. said...

Thanks for answering my question, which I googled! I do wonder why they don't put BPA free on the box anywhere? These are so much more cost effective than Eden's beans, which are in BPA free cans. Peace!

Howard Stern said...

I have looked everywhere online to verify the 365 organic beans in boxes are bpa free, and I can't find anything either on the whole foods or SIG combisafe page. I am doubting that you are correct. Could you please reveal how you learned these are bpa free?
Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Where did you verify that the boxes are BPA-free?

Matt L. said...

I emailed a question to Whole Foods about this. The responded and said that the boxes are BPA free. I don't understand why they don't print that on the packaging.

Phyto Nutrients said...

Just beware... BPA-free is often replaced with BPF, BPS, or other linings that raise concerns.

Belle said...

The box does say that you can't microwave it, so it is lined with something metallic. So frustrating that we can't get No Salt Organic Beans in a safe container.

Teddy C said...

Best bet, trust no one, cook your beans

Unknown said...

Does anyone drink milk, whether Almond or soy or rice out of a box/carton? I’m thinking the bean boxes are made the same way! Wax lined. Seems safe to me.