Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 Ingredients (Cream, Maple Syrup, Banana), No Electricity

OK, ready for the best and easiest dessert (or snack) ever? Here's my rendition of a banana-maple syrup milkshake—without the electricity—that I've made three of the past four nights. 

It's very, very difficult to make, so pay very, very close attention.
  1. Pour some heavy cream into a bowl. (I use Organic Valley, from pasture-raised cows.)
  2. Pour some maple syrup into the heavy cream and mix. (Please use real maple syrup, not the fake stuff.)
  3. Slice bananas (use organic bananas with brown spots, if possible) into sweetened cream, stir once or twice and eat.
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Anonymous said...

On your recommendation, we tried this for dessert exactly the way you wrote it, and then sprinkled with nutmeg. Ooh, it was good!

Chef Rob said...

Glad to hear that!