Thursday, February 7, 2013

Organic Consumers Association Says: "Boycott Dagoba!"

Here's an example of a "traitor boycott," a tactic being employed by the Organic Consumers Association and which I alluded to in yesterday's post. It calls for a boycott of Dagoba chocolate (despite being organic), because of the actions of Hershey's, Dagoba's parent company.
Sweet Revenge: Boycott Dagoba and Hershey’s!
"TAKE ACTION: Tell Hershey’s: No Dagoba chocolate until you support GMO labeling!
"Dagoba chocolate may be organic, but its parent company, Hershey’s, is a loser by any standard. Hershey’s spent more than a half million dollars to defeat Prop 37, the California Right to Know GMO labeling law. No wonder. The Hershey’s kisses and chocolate bars sold here in the U.S. are loaded with cheap genetically modified beet sugar and genetically engineered soy lecithin. And where does the giant chocolate maker get its cacao? From regions where child labor and workers’ rights abuses run rampant.

"Hershey’s cuts corners by using cheap GMO ingredients and exploiting little kids in impoverished countries so its CEO, John Bilbrey, can personally pocket millions - $10.6 million in 2011. But guess what? In the UK, where consumers have the right to know what’s in their food because they’ve insisted on mandatory GMO labeling laws, Hershey’s products are GMO-free. The company once said: 'We took this decision based on our belief that customers in the UK do not currently wish to see GM ingredients in these products.'

"What about Hershey’s customers here in the U.S.? Let them eat GMOs!
"TAKE ACTION: Tell Hershey’s: No Dagoba chocolate until you support GMO labeling!"

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