Monday, February 11, 2013

Substitute Root Vegetables for Potatoes to Make a Mash

Just a reminder that you can substitute pretty much any root vegetable for potatoes to make mashed potatoes fill-in-the-blank.

Last night I made a mashed combo of celeriac and rutabaga, but I easily could have used parsnips, turnips and carrots as well.

I cut the celeriac and rutabaga into cubes and steamed them in one of those fan-like steamer contraptions that fit into a saucepan. When the vegetables were soft, I put them into a bowl, added a little of the cooking liquid, a big chunk of Kerrygold butter, plus unrefined sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

I mashed with a fork and, being that I like the consistency chunky, stopped after only a
minute or two. (Even if you like the texture creamier, try not to mix too much; you could end up with too dense of a final product.) 

I used this mixture as a base for leftover vegetarian chickpea stew that I wrote about on Friday.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you posted this. After I found out from Calorie King Dot Com that rutabagas are higher in nutrients than potatoes, as well as being lower in carbs, I became more serious about experimenting with different root vegetables and was surprised how well my family adapted to the change. Very lucky that I can find a glut of organic rutabagas at the farmers market.