Friday, April 5, 2013

Great Tip If Moving Away from Fragranced Laundry Detergents

For those trying to move away from heavily-scented commercial laundry detergents that contain phtalates (endocrine-disrupting chemicals that have toxic ramifications), one problem is that clothes will continue to smell from fragrance—no matter how many times you wash them with unscented detergent—unless the proper steps are taken.

At a lecture I attended recently about personal health care products, I asked how to remove these smells. Luckily, there was an industrial chemist in the audience who gave advice that worked for a client of mine who has tried it. 

Paraphrasing the chemist, she said that the molecules of fragrance residing in the clothes need to be freed for the clothes to stop smelling. Two things—time and heat—will facilitate this, so she recommended hanging the clothes and drying them under the sun or in a clothes dryer.

My friend hung her clothes in a sunny part of her house for a week and it worked: no more perfumed scent!

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