Monday, April 29, 2013

Latest Update on Washington State's "Right to Know" Initiative

Almost two dozen states are at various stages of the fight to have foods containing genetically-engineered ingredients labeled as such. Here's the latest update (courtesy of Dan Flynn at Food Safety News) from Washington State, where I-522 probably has the most developed infrastructure (a lot borrowed from California's effort last year) of any of the state movements.
"Sunday’s end to the Washington State Legislature’s 105-day regular session means Evergreen State voters are going to decide whether genetically modified food should be labeled.  That’s because lawmakers in Olympia took no action on Initiative 522, Washington State’s version of  the 'Right to Know' law California voters narrowly rejected last November.
"I-522 is an 'Initiative to the Legislature' under the Washington State Constitution. State lawmakers could have adopted it or even proposed their own version of I-522, but because they took no action, the measure goes on the November ballot with the language written by its sponsors.

“'The People’s Right to know Genetically Engineered Food Act' will be voted up or down by Washington State voters who are as much experienced in deciding ballot measures as are Californians.  Some language from California’s Proposition 37, however, did not make it up north. I-522 overall is similar to Prop 37, but it is missing language included in the California campaign to prohibit words like 'Natural' or 'All Natural' from being used on food labels.

"As I-522 moves to the ballot, state Public Disclosure Commission records shows at least five separate committees registered to raise money in the support of the measure. Together they spent close to $1 million so far, most probably on petition signature gathering. Total cash on hand reported by the committees is more than $400,000.

"Mark Funk, a well-known Evergreen State political operative, leads I-522’s opposition. His 'No on 522' committee has opened a bank account with $1,144 deposited so far. Opponents in California outspent Prop 37 supporters, $45 million to about $10 million."

I think it's safe to say that the bank account for "No on 522" will grow by a few zeroes in the next couple months.


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