Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Is In the Meat We Eat?

(Second of two parts, continued from yesterday)

I was confused, since the “Premium Angus Beef” meat’s labels said nothing about being free of antibiotics, added hormones and steroids. To resolve the issue, I telephoned D’Agostino’s corporate headquarters. It took me three calls, but I finally spoke with someone who could answer my questions—the chain’s head meat buyer.

Bob explained that there was indeed a difference between the two categories of meat.

The “Premium Natural Angus Beef” meat (photo, above right) was part of D’Agostino’s “Never Ever” program, which was the basis for the poster’s claim that no antibiotics, hormon
es and steroids were ever administered to the cattle.

The “Premium
Angus Beef” label (photo, left) needed a little more explaining from Bob. That meat was from cattle that had not been administered antibiotics, hormones and steroids during the last 120 days of life, a subtle—yet big—difference. (The cows’ lifespan is 9 to 14 months.)

Furthermore, according to government regulations, D’Agostino could legally label this meat “natural,” but it decides not to as a matter of principle.

“All the other markets label this meat natural,” Bob said.

I find it disturbing that so much effort and investigation on the part of the consumer is needed to unravel the truth about our food. While it is heartening to know that D’Agostino’s meat buyer was up front and honest about his company’s product, most of the big food companies are less than forthcoming about the true nature of their goods.

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Thanks for this information. I am always so skeptic about buying meat. I will feel more confident when buying meat from now on.