Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Argument In Favor of Grass-Fed Foods

Add greenhouse gas issues to the list of reasons (flavor, nutrition, safety, etc.) why we should be eating grass-fed meats and dairy products.

From a New York Times opinion piece two weeks ago:
"To a rancher like me, who raises cattle, goats and turkeys the traditional way (on grass), the studies show only that the prevailing methods of producing meat — that is, crowding animals together in factory farms, storing their waste in giant lagoons and cutting down forests to grow crops to feed them — cause substantial greenhouse gases. It could be, in fact, that a conscientious meat eater may have a more environmentally friendly diet than your average vegetarian."
Are you a conscientious meat eater?

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An Hour In the Kitchen said...

You might find Andrew's article on the dearth of local slaughterhouses interesting. Fixing that problem might be a step to getting more smaller meat producers.