Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Are Our Children Being Fed?

Back in January, I wrote a three-part blog on the dangers of General Mills Yoplait Trix “yogurt.”

Just yesterday, a reader commented on the first of the posts, which described the overwhelmingly
synthetic contents of the product.

Elaine's comment:

“I just wanted to add that my son is in a program for children with behavioral issues. I found out that for "breakfast" there yesterday he ate cocoa puffs with chocolate milk and a side of trix yogurt. For some reason I am expected to think this is Okay, that they are even doing me a favor by feeding him 'breakfast' at school but I am furious and I'm sure I will find my complaints fall on deaf ears.”
Wow. Elaine, I feel for you.

My first word of advice is to complain and complain some more. Make yourself heard and try to get other parents involved; I doubt you are the only mother or father with these concerns. If you don’t speak up, the program will not think anything is wrong with what it is feeding the children.

Second, point the program’s leaders to the Feingold Association, a non-profit organization which raises awareness of the potential role of foods and synthetic additives in behavioral, learning and health problems.

Third, have them read The McCann Study (2007), which linked synthetic additives in food to Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Feeding behaviorally-challenged kids foodstuffs that trigger some of the very behavioral issues they suffer from seems highly counterintuitive.

Elaine, be strong and make your voice heard! (Let me know if you need contact information for people who can help you in your fight.)


Kath said...

Ugh. I agree Elaine, don't back down! Your son's health is too important!
I'm trying to get rid of Hot Dog Day at my kids school. So far they've replaced the donuts with baked chips.. but they're still serving nitrate-filled wieners.. we've got to keep fighting for our kiddos!

Orsi said...

Thanks for those links! Amazing how much time and effort people have to put into protecting themselves, simply because putting all this cr@p into our food suits the interests of "food" manufacturers.