Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Suburban Seagull and the Inuit Hunters of Greenland

Last week I saw a seagull eating a banana peel and wondered how I could work that sighting into a blog post.

But writing that humans aren’t the only animals eating things they shouldn’t be eating wouldn’t have been that revelatory.

Then I viewed a slide show on The New York Times website about Inuit hunters in Greenland and re
alized I had come across the polar opposite of the seagull that had completely adapted to its surroundings.

The Inuit hunters are continuing a tradition that spans thousands of years, while it's a pretty safe bet that our seagull's great grandparents weren't eating Dole or Chiquita products.

In addition, the presentation's first photo (left) is miraculous and offers such a contrast to the suburban concrete parking lot where our banana peel-eating seagull was enjoying his lunch.

Click here to view the entire “The Hunters of Greenland” slide show.


Bryan said...

I love seagulls, and they shouldn't be hunted. They didn't do any harm in humans anyway. The slide show you post wasn't loading in my laptop. I can't view it.

bathmate said...

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