Friday, April 23, 2010

Early Season Garden Update


Paul said...

Rob, I've always been impressed with you garden since I first found your website.

I've just started growing heirloom tomatoes, and I don't know if I'm getting blossom drop or not. I'm looking for any experience opinions, so if you have a chance stop my blog and read my lastest post. Thanks.

Chef Rob said...


I am not 100 percent sure, but I'll forward this to friends who are master gardeners.


Paul said...


Hey, I just found out that it's not blossom drop, but that it's just part of the process. In fact I just saw my first fruit of the season today. Gotta love the early warmth down in Houston. Thanks for passing my concern along. I appreciate how you reply to the comments you get and are willing to help others who strive for the same goals you do when it comes to our food supply.