Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Care for Cast Iron Pots and Pans


Cindy said...

Cast iron totally rules. My grandmother gave me a 10" fry pan and I got rid of all of my synthetics after the first time I used it and am slowly building up my cast iron collection.

I used the paper towel method until I discovered the bamboo cleaning whisk (I got one when I ordered a wok a few months back) and now it is my ultimate choice when it comes to cleaning my cast iron pans and carbon steel wok. It gets the tough bits up without wiping at the patina. In fact, I'd say the patina has greatly improved since I started using this to clean my pans and gave them as Christmas gifts to my serious home cook friends.

I replace mine whenever I replace my dish sponge. It's a brilliant little tool to have around, really gets the tough bits up and out of there.

Just thought I'd spread the word. I got mine through The Wok Shop on Amazon. The 7" is a good size.

Chef Rob said...


Thanks for this tip. The bamboo whisk sounds great; I'll check it out.