Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can an Empty Apple Box Be Toxic?

OK, I may have officially lost my marbles.

Last week, I needed a cardboard box to transport some food for a job. At the market where I shop, I grabbed an empty apple box.

I started doing some shopping and was using the apple box as a basket. But then I stopped in my tracks, as I saw another apple box, this one the former home of organic apples.

Guess which box I left the store with?

I’ll have to ask my friends at the Pesticide Action Network if there is any weight to my thought process or if I’ve gone completely bonkers.


Anonymous said...

Choosing as healthy life as you can afford is a good thing. Don't let the big pharma scare you into self loathing self doubting thoughts. They now have meds for that so thats how they profit - by convincing you that thinking of healthy life is a disease for which you need the meds. You supposed to accept people get poisoned into all kinds of disorders before their time as a normal thing, because "thats what everybody do":P

Marcia said...

I was sure you were going to say there was no way you'd pick up the organic box since it could have a lot more bugs and organisms... natural as they may be...

Chef Rob said...


No way; I much prefer the bugs and organisms over the toxic pesticides!