Tuesday, November 2, 2010

La Cense Beef's Grass-Fed Burger Truck Hits New York City

It’s apparent that a new food order is upon us when a food truck appears in Midtown Manhattan selling grass-fed hamburgers. Take that, Ronald McDonald!

The truck is operated by La Cense Beef, an 88,000-acre ranch in the southwestern part of Montana that sells its beef directly to consumers via phone and on-line orders.

There are many companies that sell grass-fed beef, lamb, pork and chicken in this fashion, but La Cense has hit upon a novel marketing idea. I’m sure a commercial during the Super Bowl or “American Idol” would sell more beef, but we kn
ow the cost of those spots and which “hamburger” companies have the deep pockets to pay for them.

I sampled
the truck’s burgers last week. They come with sautéed onions and/or cheese and are served on an organic bun. There are other options—brisket and Philly cheese steak sandwiches, a hot dog—but the burgers are the main draw.

Even though my burger needed a little salt and pepper (I called La Cense to let them know), the fact that a grass-fed hamburger truck exists made
my week. For the betterment of us all, we are slowly moving away from our modern, industrialized and toxic food supply. In a twisted fashion, every recall of 500 million eggs helps the cause.

The La Cense burger truck is usually parked on 47th between Park & Lexington, but the day’s location is updated via Twitter.

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laurabeth1976 said...

I really love LaCensa beef and I will definitely have to try out the meat from this truck. My brother recommended la censa to me a while back and I use them all the time. They really only sell delicious, healthy, grass fed, antibiotic free beef- and they ship it right to your home. It's really easy and I honestly love the taste.