Monday, November 1, 2010

VOTE!!! (for Better Food)

I bumped into my friend Peter Lattman on the street the other day and he asked how my business was faring.

I told him I’ve noticed a definite shift in how we are thinking about our food supply and its connection to our health. More and more clients are asking for help in making better shopping decisions and in navigating the minefield of misinformation and marketing.

That got Peter thinking.

“You know, I wish Chirping Chicken had organic chicken,” he said.

Chirping Chicken is a casual restaurant in our neighborhood that is very popular with families and individuals looking for a quick, affordable meal. Organic chicken would be more expensive, but I strongly believe it would be a huge hit.

“Ask them,” I said.

“My son did; they said they were thinking about it.”

“You should go back in, speak with the owner or manager, and say you are a regular customer who won’t be coming back until they start offering organic chicken.”

Peter gave me a blank look.

“If nobody says anything,” I said, “the owner won’t know there is a demand for it. We have to take responsibility for influencing change. Get your friends to say something as well. Hell, I’ll say something, too, even though I’ve never been in there!”

Peter’s stare started to soften.

“It’s happening all over with food,” I said. “There are so many better products free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic additives and artificial colors because we have demanded them. We can make the same thing happen at Chirping Chicken if we speak up."

We parted ways and Peter headed to the subway, hopefully fomenting rebellious ideas.

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